How We Got Here

How We Got Here

Do you ever get that gut feeling where you just know something is worth doing?  That uneasy feeling, but in a weird and interesting way it kind of feels good and you can't stop smiling?  Well, that's the exact same feeling that we got when we created Thunder Bev Co.  My brother Todd, our partner (aka our other brother) Greg, and myself (Eric) discussed the idea of creating a company that leveraged an amazing product, to enhance the every day persons lifestyle by providing them with a higher quality beverage that people consume already.

The business and entrepreneurial world we currently live in are full of "it's a lifestyle" types of concepts.  But one of the main factors that we rarely see associated with those concepts is the 'why'.  So when we set out to create a company that actively promoted the lifestyle of the every day person, we realized we needed a product and a brand that could go hand in hand, and that's where Awaken Thunder came in to play.

Is it an energy drink?  Technically, yes.  Is it a beverage that works in any situation?  We think so.

But how?  Aren't energy drinks only for people who do extreme things like leaping out of a plane from 12,000 feet with nothing but a parachute, or for those who are fitness gurus, to help you finish that deadline at work, or get you through that tough finals week at school?  You would not be wrong if you said yes to all those.  Aren't there already a few energy drink companies that everyone knows about?  Define "everyone".

When we looked out on the landscape of the energy drink industry, we saw Mount Rushmore and noticed there was a vacant spot.  What we realized, is that although you can't take anything away from what they've established, there was something missing.  Something that for whatever reason had been overlooked by everyone.  So we figured why not fill that void, and if we do it, why not do it right?  And that is what we did!

We set out to make Awaken Thunder a drink and a brand for everyone.  And when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE.  From the athlete to the doctor, the lawyer to the construction worker, or the college student to the retiree.  

Your Lifestyle. Your Drink.

Whether you're looking for a little 'pick me up' or just want a refreshing beverage, then Thunder should be your choice.  How do you make a drink with zero sugar, only 10 calories, pumped full of vitamins, berries, gives you energy without the crash, and ACTUALLY tastes good?  You just do!

On top of that, we knew that we not only needed the drink to taste good and be good, but it needed to look good.  I think we can all agree that those are some sexy looking cans.  So we took the drink, took the look, and decided to give the people what they not only needed, but wanted as well.  A healthier alternative to the energy drinks already out there, that they don't feel guilty consuming or being seen with.

And here we are today, with Awaken Thunder officially available to be purchased and consumed.  We have a lot more in the pipeline and are very excited for you to be right there alongside us for this journey!

From the Thunder Bev Co creators,

Thank you!

P.S.  We love social media and are constantly updating and engaging in it.  We encourage our customers to help us grow this brand by sharing their experience and pictures on their social media accounts.  If you do want to help us out, we would love that!  Who knows, we might even pick some customers and reward them for it!  If you do share, just remember to make sure you add #FollowTheDrop to your post!